The Cause Behind Highly Priced Luxury Yacht Rentals

You can’t schedule a holiday in Dubai without a yacht cruise included. Without it the adventure simply wouldn’t be complete. Dubai Marina has many yacht charters but they are pretty pricey. This does not however dissuade you from renting one. Luxury yachts are designed to give you the ultimate experience of a 5 star cruise. They are bigger and better, making it ideal to host a lavish event, a fun trip, or a birthday party with your family and friends. The question however still lies true; is the cost worth it? Why are boat hire Dubai prices so high? Here we list few reasons that also work as an answer to it.

Luxurious Amenities

You don’t just pay to stay afloat water, but to also enjoy the luxurious facilities and amenities that come equipped with is. From the numerous watersport activities to the swimming pool, there are various exciting and state-of-the-art facilities that come along with a luxury yacht, as part of the package.

Cost of Maintaining the Yacht

The maintenance costs are the key reason behind why luxury yachts are costly. The owner would have to spend a lot of money on such a large watercraft, about 10 per cent of the price charged for the yacht, on fuel and daily service checks to ensure the yacht is in top-notch condition and ready to sail anywhere, anytime. You have to be prepared to pay part of the maintenance fees before renting a luxury yacht.

Crew Members

The smallest luxury yacht is of 24 meters in length. That means, it is able to accommodate a sufficient amount of people. That being said, you will need crew members to ensure the boat is in a good condition and allows people to travel safely and comfortably on it. Every crew member on a luxury yacht carry years of experience, and so their pay will be equally high. This is another cost that they have to cover as well.

Boat Hire Dubai Prices


Costly items are often synonymous with “class.” Luxury yachts are primarily geared to the wealthy. Hence, luxury yacht charters spare no expense in supplying their customers with the best facilities.


These luxury yachts are meant to travel for long hours and sometimes even long distance. This is made possible as the yachts are designed in such a way. Apart from this, the fuel consumed to travel the distance is also high, which again, will have to be recovered in the fee charged for renting the yacht.

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