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Heavy lifting equipment requires regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Any negligence can lead to a huge loss, low productivity or even injury to workers. Downtimes also mean you can create a notion of unreliability. Consequently, this can give your competitors an edge over your business. Apart from that, maintenance practice increases the durability of the machinery. In case of rental from a heavy lift company in UAE, you can reduce the cost of repair. You should have a routine that guides you on when you should service the machinery even without signs of breakdown. Here are some necessary maintenance tips.

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Read Manufacturer’s Manual

Rarely do we both to know what the manufacturer says about the best practices to keep the machinery in good shape. However, we should take the time to go through the maintenance procedure stipulated in the manual. We should also look at the dos and don’ts for maximum durability. The user guide also indicates the best lubricants and fuel for each part of the equipment.

Routine Maintenance

You don’t have to wait for loose bolts and nuts or inefficient engines to undertake maintenance. You should have mandatory checkups for the machine even when they seem to be in perfect condition. If a problem is identified early, it is easier to resolve and it is also less costly. You should make sure that there are no loose bolts, all the leakage in the fluid systems are fixed and the internal parts are free from solid material like dust and leaves.

Stick to The Right Task

You should use the lifting equipment for the purpose it is intended. There are machines which are meant for vertical lifting while others can do horizontal. Other equipment can do both tasks. You should also ensure the equipment is fit for the terrain as well as the height of the structure. Some lifting equipment is not ideal for tall buildings and trying to use them can endanger the lives of operators and other workers as well.

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Heavy lifting machines are difficult to clean but it is necessary if you want them to last long. You should also ensure that their storage apartments are also in tidy condition. You can use pressure pipes to get rid of soil or any sediments of the material. The seals and filters should always be clean because they keep the equipment efficient as they get rid of dirt. The breathers should always be open to allow air circulation to prevent overheating.

Regular Lubrication

Greasing is the first maintenance practice for heavy lifting equipment. The oil reduces friction between moving parts which can cause overheating as well as wear and tear. You should always excess lubricant accumulation in pistons or other parts. The operator should know the right lubricant as per the recommendations of the lifting equipment supplier in UAE. The lubrication system should be free from any leaks.

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