Your dog’s health depends on proper nourishment. However, the dietary requirements for every breed of dog vary. Understanding how to feed a dog efficiently is necessary for making the right decisions. We assist dog owners in understanding how much dog food Dubai from Eurovets should be provided with this post. New parents will find this especially useful because the meals can differ.

Feeding Them Quality Food is Important

To maintain outstanding physical condition, your four-legged buddy needs high-quality food that is balanced, thorough, and created to meet their unique nutritional requirements depending on the size, age, and lifestyle. For instance, dogs with a high energy level would require foods with higher calorie and protein levels to maintain the energy and release it easily. Lazy dogs, or those who are often found chilling in the corner, wouldn’t require as much since they might find it difficult to exercise and lose that extra fat.

Factors Defining Their Quantity and Portion

You can start by looking at the feed chart present on the food container. It helps to understand the right amount, as this will vary based on breed, age, and other factors. For instance, dogs between 2-5 kgs should be fed between ⅓ to a cup, and those between 6-9 kgs should be fed between a cup to 1-⅓ cup. This will continue based on their age range.

Depending on the formula and calorie content, dog feeding levels differ between brands. This is why you need to find the right brand. The back of the bag of food you are giving your dog contains the feeding instructions. If you have any concerns about your pet’s unique dietary requirements, it is crucial to speak with your veterinarian.

When Should You Serve Them?

It is suggested that older dogs eat twice daily. As such, you can arrange their meals. They can maintain a healthy weight and digestive system by sticking to regular mealtimes and serving sizes.

In Conclusion

Ensure you are taking your dog’s age and activity level into account when deciding on their meal time. Doing so is important as it will be based on their breed, age, activity level, and other such factors. What we mean is if your paw-friend has higher levels of energy, it is best to avoid feeding them shortly before their playtime. If not, they could develop a condition that causes bloating, which can be fatal, especially for large dogs.

Pet parents who are still unsure and need further help on veterinary consumables, Eurovets can help you out. They have a wide variety of dog consumables with all the information to ease the process.


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