Irrespective of whether you are a regular online shopper or a first-time buyer, you need to look out for a few things. Lack of awareness about how to select the right online store can lead you to believe that online shopping is not as great an option as many people claim. The online store you chose is to be blamed for your bad experience. However, you can avoid going to the wrong store if you check a few things. These are important points to prevent you from falling prey to fraudulent ecommerce stores. The Qatar online shop must have a refund and cancellation policy while ensuring secure online transactions for customers. Here are the four points that you need to consider before buying online:

Privacy Policy

Does the online store have a privacy policy? Do they have it displayed on their website? It is important that an online store makes the privacy policy accessible for reading by common consumers. The online store must clearly state what data will be collected from consumers and how they will use the data for various purposes. Consumers share confidential information with the online store, and they are entitled to know if the company has taken adequate measures to protect their data.


Nobody prefers buying from a brand that doesn’t have a good reputation in the market. This is applicable for online stores as well. If you want to check the credibility of the online store, just have a look at the reviews. If the majority of them have left positive comments about the online store, it means the company has been successful in satisfying its customers. Reviews speak a lot about the store’s reputation in the industry.

Customer Support

Online shopping with no manual interference is great. But having no one to contact when you face problems is not right. The ecommerce store must have a customer support team to handle customer complaints. If the customer needs any clarification on payment issues, delivery status, refund, warranty or cancellation of order, there should be someone representing the company to cater to the customer. Check if the store has provided email-id, phone number or any other contact details to address customer grievances.

Refund Policy

Refund policy is a must in case the customer is not satisfied with the product. Always make sure that the online store has a refund policy and cancellation policy. These policies are governed by certain terms and conditions. The online shop must be transparent about their policies so that customers don’t feel cheated after paying for the product. The online store must refund the money if the product is damaged during transit or is different from what the customer had ordered.


Do you want to make an easy comparison of prices and check washing machines, oven or refrigerator price in Qatar? Search for an online store that fulfills the above mentioned requirements and be assured of a safe and smooth shopping experience.

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