Many investors are looking to invest Cyprus for business and investment purposes and are also recognizing many opportunities for the same. There are four legal methods of acquiring the citizenship, especially as a non-EY citizen. It can either through an investment, naturalization, marriage with a Cypriot resident and lastly, through origins. The simplest way is undoubtedly through the citizenship by investment program. There are many reasons that contribute to making it an ideal location, all of which we discuss in this article.

Climatic Conditions

They have over 300 warm days annually, with 7-8 months of a season that is perfect for swimming. They also have some of the cleanest sandy white beaches. There aren’t many large industrial enterprises, so the pollution levels are pretty low.

Invest Cyprus

Standard of Living

Cyprus has definitely evolved as a country that offers its citizens a high standard of living along with quality education, improved healthcare facilities and extremely secure systems in place.


Cyprus is a stable jurisdiction offering the stability of its financial and political environment, a stable legislative and regulatory structure, providing a wide variety of incentives for efficient tax planning and optimization. In Cyprus tax law is clear and predictable. Tax rates are also kept low, as the country wants to attract more investments.

Cost of Living

As opposed to other developed European countries, the cost of living here is certainly on the lower end.

Cost of Living in Cyprus


The significant factor of this culturally diverse country is the English language. It is widely spoken across the island.

The Whole Family Benefits

The minimum investment level applies to the entire family. Moreover, these are non-repayable funds, a rule which is unlike many other countries. Lastly, your passports won’t be nullified, even after the holding period is complete.

No Residency Requirement

As an investor it is not mandatory for you to reside permanently on this island nation.


It is advisable to source a reputable and trusted citizenship provider such as PassPro Immigration Services. You’ll be provided with all the details and information to begin the process, and they will also handle the entire procedure.

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