Answer to Common Car Rental Questions

Immerse yourself in the true luxuries that Dubai has to offer by driving off in a rental car of your choice. From the shiny and marvelous skyscrapers to the historical sites, Dubai has plenty to offer. Moreover, with a car rental, you can discover places that may be impossible or expensive with public transport. Here we cover the top five common questions about renting a car in Dubai. Through this guide, we aim at making the process of renting a car for our readers, simple and hassle-free.

Do I Need an International Driving License?

If you plan on renting from a reputable car rental company such as Quick Lease Car Rentals, then the answer is yes. It is mandatory to have an IDL when driving in Dubai. Its important to carry one, or you will be fined heavily if you get pulled over and don’t have your international driving license with you. Make sure to have the original card and a copy of it to show your car rental company when renting a car.

Do I Need an International Driving License

What Type of Cars Can I Rent in Dubai?

Dubai being such a grand city, with several car rental companies, you re offered a range of cars to choose from during your visit. From the cost-effective economy cars to hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars and SUVs. You just need to know your budget and duration of how long you plan on renting the car.

Can I Use My Insurance Policy?

If your insurance policy covers the rental car charges then by all means go ahead with it. It will not only save you from paying additional amounts but will also ensure you are protected.

What Should I Do In case of a Last-Minute Booking?

Most car rental companies understand that emergencies come unannounced. So, simply look online for the best car rental deals, and narrow it down based on the company that offers you a price that matches your budget. Some even offer lucrative deals on daily rentals. Research and take advantage of such deals.

Quick Lease Car Rentals

When Is the Best Time to Rent A Car?

Ideally, the best time to rent a car is at least one month prior to the date required. That way you get the best rate on your car rental and are also assured of finding a car of your choice. Last-minute bookings, more often than not, lead to disappointments, as car rentals tend to go like hotcakes.


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