Azure Cloud Services in Dubai

You have perhaps come across the azure cloud services in Dubai offered by IT companies but are still in the dark and confused about it. You also may be wondering what the benefits are and how to get started with it. Well, worry not, as you’re not alone in this confusion. There is certainly no argument that cloud computing is the future. Many companies are making use of it, some without even realizing, and businesses are gradually moving towards digitalizing their operation, as it is more effective efficient and allows them to be competitive.

What is Cloud Computing?

Let’s start with the basics of what exactly is cloud computing. It involves a simple practice of utilizing the internet to access your files or storage, which would otherwise be stored on your IT system. You probably use services such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store your data, as they offer a much larger space than your computer system. The cloud software works in the same way that it is installed and runs on a remote server, allowing you to access it as and when you need it.

Now that we have understood what cloud computing is let us continue to understand a little about Microsoft Azure. While 600+ applications are running under this umbrella, simply put, it is a web-based platform that allows testing, managing, and deploying applications and services.

Advantages Offered When Using Azure

Extensive Services Available

The comprehensive services available through Azure proves to be extremely beneficial to businesses, as replicating it in-house would be both expensive and complicated. Its on-demand licensing model offers companies cutting edge tech and resources that may otherwise not be readily available for them.

Increase Efficiency

Companies who make use of this tool can digitally transform the operation and process, therefore increasing productivity.

Easy to Scale

The scalability features enable businesses to quickly make changes without doing any harm to the IT infrastructure.

Trustworthy Backup Service

Since it’s backed by reliable and secure service, it allows customers to build a bond and trust with them.

Microsoft Azure – What Is It and How Does It Benefit A Business

Microsoft Azure Features

Highly Secure – The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle ensures that each development stage is protected and secure. Moreover, it continually updates the system, thereby making it more secure.

Disaster Recovery – Given that all the data is not stored on a single unit and is spread across various locations, it’ll be much safer during any disaster. In case of a natural calamity in one of the sites, at least you are assured your data is safe in the other areas.

Cost-Effective – Deploying application and training employees requires a significant amount of time and money. In this fast-paced technological world, the competition is very high, and to be at part with it, you need to offer quick and efficient solutions, else your business can face significant losses. Microsoft Azure is the ideal solution to these problems as it is cost-effective in nature.

Flexible – Through Microsoft Azure, you can easily scale your business up or down, depending on your business situation.

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